A Flying Drone at Sunset

The picture was taken from the top of a building in Jakarta.

In the upper right corner of the image, you can see a small red light flying in the sky. A drone. It’s not mine and I did not fly it.

Making drone photography become a mainstream activity among professional photographers and enthusiast in Jakarta. Things that enable us to have a stunning aerial photography and capturing unique viewpoints of daily objects.

But flying a drone is limited by rules we need to follow. For example, we must always fly below 400 feet, avoid any forbidden zone, etc. A professional drone photographer must obtain a pilot certificate. Breaking rules can result in loss of licence.

If we are just drone enthusiast doing hobby for fun, there are much less strict requirements and it is easy to get carried away flying wherever we like.


  • Great catch! Unfortunately, too many people flying these devices in the States are idiots which has lead to too many rules which is why I sold my drone. Drones are not welcome in cities or over neighbourhoods.

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