Challenges in Outdoor Photography

Being a photography enthusiast, I found some obstacles along the way, especially when taking outdoor pictures. It can be quite disturbing.

However I shall to look at obstacles in photography as challenges.

1. Power poles and power lines

This is the most common case in urban areas. I had an interesting object with stunning landscape, but when I looked into the viewfinder, there were power poles that line up behind it.

A high-voltage power lines

I tried to look for another angle. It was useless because the wires were everywhere. At the end, all I could do was deleting them one by one using photoshop!

2. Banners, billboards, and posters

It’s getting harder and harder to find places that don’t have billboards. banners, and posters in the city. Before and after any election days (Indonesia has plenty of them), we used to see disorganised illegal banner and poster everywhere, a real distraction for photographers.

The big billboard of ” adult circumcision”

3. Rubbish and Trash Can

Not all places are clean. Sometimes I saw scattered rubbish in the background. This frequently happens when I want to take human interest or street photos.

The colorful trash bin…

4. “The Guards” of a place

In some popular landscape places, there are always people who take advantage from photographers. They often asked if we have any permission and take illegal collection of fees if we want to take any pictures. Those folks did not foresee the benefit to the local community once the place become popular in social media

It’s certainly not them...

5. The Other “Photographers”

In the era of social media, people are trying to capture as many photo as possible. We see too many people at popular places, not enough space to get any photo from the scene. If you’re lucky you won’t meet person who don’t mind standing in everybody’s photo!

Photographers in a crowd place…

Well, Drake once said,

“Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination.”

I’ll have plenty to learn in outdoor photography…

Did you find any challenge in your photography journey?


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