Early Morning Fishing

I was born and live in the largest archipelagic country in the world, Indonesia. A country with 250 million population live across 17.508 islands.

Sadly, I feel more like a citizen of a big city than an islander!

To my relief, whenever I saw the sea somehow my ancestor’s instincts kick in. I picked up the stick and started fishing. For me fishing and photography activity are so tempting, but you can not do both.

In reality, you just can’t concentrate in two activities at one crucial time. You have to make a tough decision whether you’re a photographer or an angler.

I remember my last fishing trip started early in the morning at 4 o’clock at North Java Sea’s bay. I went fishing with some friends. We performed our Fajr prayer on a rocky boat. It wasn’t a luxury boat or yacht you ladies imagined, it’s only a simple regular fisherman’s boat.

Fishing hooks, lures, rails, and baits were prepared on the way to the fishing spot.After almost 1 hour, we arrived at the most familiar fishing area. The place was anglers and fisherman’s favorite spot. I saw a lot of boats, which means a lot of rivals!

Everyone was silent. Gigantic cumulonimbus clouds appeared on the horizon. It’s hard to describe the grandiosity of that moment. Maybe that was what we called a calm and peaceful feelings between human and nature.

I was the one who grabbed the fish attention. I started with a Trevally fish on my first cast, groper fish in the second and the third. I missed school of fishes floating under our boat.

School of fishes are looking for shrimps for their early breakfast early in the morning.

I got some red snapper fishes in my hand. At mid-day, we were so hungry. The captain dropped the anchor and one of the guy fried the fishes.

We ate the fishes in a very Indonesian way : rice, ketchup and chili sauces. A lot of chili sauces! The taste was so different with the one we used to buy from the marketplace. It was so juicy and very delicious!

After the meal, we felt a bit sleepy and decided to take a rest for a while. The captain started looking for another fishing spot. It was a non-stop fishing episodes, anyway. So we put our rods in “trolling” mode.

I took some photos but then I stopped.The panorama in the middle of the sea was so beautiful. Again, I chose to fully enjoy the view over my camera. The sea was so blue, it looked like our boat was floating in a smooth blue satin.

It reminds me of my fishing trip in South Sumatra a long time ago. The low tide sea around the island looked transparent in turquoise color. We could see shoal of fish very clearly. A really great spot for photographer!

We finished at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, bringing five cooler boxes full of fishes.

For some men, fishing is more than a hobby. Wait, did I said men? Not anymore. In Indonesia we have group of ladies called “Ladies Angler”. Malaysia also have a community called “Komunitas Pemancing Wanita”.

Imagine, a fishing trip for women only! I’m sure it there will be chatty moments between females in the middle of the sea! Men are incredibly focus and silent while doing fishing. Some men I knew are chatty too, but then they get seasickness in the rocky fisherman’s boat. Is there any connection between male concentration and seasickness? I don’t know, but it is quite interesting.

After the rain in the middle of the sea

What would happened if one day we didn’t catch any fishes? Well, there is even a quote for that…

“The fishing was good; it was the catching that was bad.”

One of our raison d’etre. At the end, we will survive and…… keep going fishing again.

**There was a day that I would rather take a picture than fishing. The guy in the featured picture were looking for another fishing spot. It was 6 am in the morning and he’d been there for such a long time.

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