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Here Comes The Rain

As a country that lie along the line of the equator, Indonesia has only two seasons : the rainy and the dry.

The first one used to go by different name, the monsoon. Normally, it start in November to March. But now its really hard to tell with the climate change!

Heavy rainfall began last night. It had been raining non-stop, changed into moderate to light at mid day.
However, we still had to be aware of floods. Dozens of roads in the city were flooded causing traffic jam. I saw people take shelter at underpass roads during a heavy rain and some cars drove through a flooded road.

But it turned out okay. The rain stopped and the wind was gone before dawn.

For some people, rainy season can be their least favorite season. Please, let’s not forget the fact that there are plenty of great things happen in this kind of season. I don’t like to get wet, but in a good shelter, I always enjoy the cooler weather, the freshness and earthy scents that comes after the rain. Off course, it’s time to find good rambutan and mangosteen fruits!

How about typhoons? Some islands of Indonesia can be hit by typhoon between September and December, but never the strong one. The city where I live is used to experience rainstorm and heavy winds during the months.

I’d love to have a pleasant walk during cloudy day, taking some random photos or just enjoying the view before the rain start and heavy wind comes. I wish I could take picture with my eyes, to catch the perfect feelings when the strong wind blows and a bolt of lightning lights up the whole sky.

Do you like rainy days? When is the rainy season in your area?