Mind Vacation (Inner Sanctum)

I’ve been on vacation with my family. Exhausting, but enjoyable in many ways. We’ve both tried as hard as we can to forget about our works and projects for a while and be with the children.

Life in a countryside always reminds me how important it is harmony in diversity and in nature. Something that we almost forgot during our rush hour in the city. And it happened in places that there weren’t any signals at all.

The signal was blocked by a giant solid obstacle: a big mountain. Honestly, as a normal urban citizen, I didn’t like it, but then I realised it was a perfect time to fully enjoy the beauty of nature. The only obstacle was my mind who always wants to connect with cellphone technology.

In some rural area it is quite common to get stuck with very slow internet broadband.

We, Indonesian, are one of the biggest social media users, love to make friends and to chat. Once, I had a group of 30 friends in some instant messenger application.

I used to receive more than 500 unread messages per day.

But a group chat can be a real battery drainer for your smart phone. Imagine, you can’t even make a single call in an emergency situation, because your battery life is 1% only (thanks to the heavy chat-active groups). Turning a push notification off wouldn’t even help if it has already suffering a case of battery fatigue.

Human work on making all messages go even faster. Sadly, faster respond is not always better. It’s quite hard to fight the nomophobia syndrome and unhealthy use of instant messenger group chat.

The urge feeling to post about anything on instant messenger and social media, blinded us all the time. It’s hard to concentrate on almost everything.

Consumed by distractions, make us difficult creating a perfect long term memory in the brain. We loss the opportunity to get precious pictures that can be called during any stressful situation, our little vacation in mind

I made my decision that I will always create “a little vacation in mind” at least once a day, thinking anything that bring me the same feeling of peace and happiness.


Have you ever visit a remote area? Which place do you want to visit during a mind vacation?

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