Snack Food Pictures I Found

While staying at home, I opened my old photo files.

Guess what? I found healthy snacks pictures that I took a long time ago. A variety of crispy mushroom chip products!

The first one was paddy straw crispy mushroom chips. The color of the chips were light brown and the shape were quite large.

The second one was wood ear crispy mushroom chips. It was thinner and smaller than paddy straw crispy mushroom. A tasty alternative, if you are a fan of this type of mushroom. The real paddy straw mushroom has a chewy texture, dark brown in color and shape that resembles an ear.

The third one was my favorite : oyster crispy mushroom chips. A great topping for soups, casseroles, and rices. If you want to make homemade mushroom chips, the oyster mushrooms will work best.

I also took pictures of other mushroom products.

The cans on the left was mushrooms with botok seasoning. Botok is made from shredded coconut flesh mixed with vegetables. It often wrapped in banana leaf and steamed.

The cans on the right was mushroom with Indonesian oriental curry seasoning. A sauce made from coconut milk, spices and chili pepper. A rich taste and…spicy! Those who don’t like spicy food will avoid this one, of course.

Mushrooms are indeed extraordinary. People could make many variations of food from them. The fourth picture I took was brownies made from mushrooms. OK. It was called as brownies, but in reality it was a little bit crunchy, you will feel like eating biscuits.

The last one is Saparella or Sarsaparilla soft drink made from…sarsaparilla tropical plant. A very old and classic drink found only in Jogjakarta. It taste a lot like root beer.For your information, Sarsaparilla is a favorite food of the Smurfs, an imaginary creatures who live in mushroom-shaped houses in the forest!

Smurf eating Sarsaparilla created by Peyo, a Belgian comic artist
All of the picture are taken from my visit to “Resto Jejamuran”, Jogjakarta. A place that I would love to visit again in the future.

What kind of photo do you enjoy to see these day?


  • I love mushrooms snacks too. I had no idea they sell the fried one in one jar! Thatโ€™s heaven ๐Ÿ˜€ Nowadays I like to check my pictures from previous travel. I took so many pictures and some of them ar neglected without any editting process..

    • Yup, it’s a heaven for mushroom lover.I’ve already visited your blog. You have many beautiful pics, mba Indah.

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