Social Distancing

The coronavirus pandemic was confirmed to have spread in some area of Indonesia.

At the beginning, the outbreak affected the middle class and up. People have tend to underestimate the speed of coronavirus transmission. Now, possible community spread sparks fears of wider contagion. The death toll is high. I’m not sure if the healthcare system can cope with a storm of patients.

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Provincial governors ordered school closed for at least two weeks. There were work-from-home policy for office-based employees. Public parks are closed. We have been advised to embrace social distancing. Indonesia is a tropical country where people commonly have activities outdoors. Social distancing seems to be a hard habit for a lot of us.

People on the street

However, we must learn the new term in order to survive the crisis, enough with three months in denial!

Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, turn into quiet city. Normally, the number of vehicles relatively high, produce smog-forming emissions. Now, amid the pandemic, the air pollution caused by us, human, has been reduced.

Air pollution in Jakarta

In the morning, I can hear birds as the environment around me grows eerily quiet. I began to see people walking far apart at least two meters away from another person. Bali, one of Indonesia famous resort island, where people from different places gathering together and then going back home, declared an alert status. Social distancing measures are advised.

The empty beach

I don’t know how long it will take.

Please stay safe wherever you are.


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